Hello! Thank you for visiting Kat's Mural Art. 

My name is Kat Smirnoff. I am a mural artist, creating colorful wall paintings with a positive message.

  • I will paint inside or outside your home, your cafe, your shop or your yoga studio. It can be a wall, a fence, stairs, anything that can be painted on.
  • I work with high-quality non-toxic paints that are safe to people and to the environment.
  • With my art, I try to inspire people, to live more consciously, to show more love to themselves and to other people, and to be better in everything they do.
  • I love what I do, therefore I always aim for the best possible result and don't skimp on quality. I like leaving my clients happy with the painting, which makes me happy as well.

Check out my work, scroll through the Gallery, and get in touch with me for more information or if you'd like to leave a comment. If you don't want to miss out on my new projects, find and follow me on Instagram and  Facebook.


Turn that boring wall into a painting that inspires you!

Kat Smirnoff Mural Artist

Kat Smirnoff

Your mural artist in Brisbane, Australia


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