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So, you have this great idea of getting a mural on your wall, but you’re not so sure how to go about it… Should you paint it yourself?… Should you get a professional company to do it?… Or maybe that guy on Gumtree?… All of these choices could go madly wrong or - turn out amazing! There is always some doubt involved, and that’s ok, we people are control freaks, really. But in art, a little bit of room for the unexpected should be left, and that can be the most beautiful part of your project.

If you think, you cannot do it yourself - hire an artist. Of course! But do your research: look at what this artist has done before, browse through their artwork, see if their style appeals to you. Because every mural artist will paint the same tree totally differently, according to their own style.

Well, I am a mural artist, and my tree would be magically awesome, of course! Just joking. Take a look at my work, and if you like it, get in touch.

Kat Smirnoff - Kat's Mural Art

Kat Smirnoff

Your mural artist in Brisbane, Australia

Magnolia - Lady Marmalade Cafe - Kat's Mural Art

So, from here, you can now go to my ABOUT page and find out a bit more about how I work, or you can jump straight to the GALLERY and check out my murals.

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