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Kat Smirnoff Kat's Mural Art

I've always liked making lists, so I’ll introduce myself this way:

WHO I AM: My name is Kat - Kat Smirnoff - like the vodka, I know, but I don’t drink vodka. I prefer wine 🙂 I paint murals, I love cats and dachshunds, ride a motorbike, listen to Michael Jackson and have to regularly go camping. As for my professional education, art diplomas and that sort of stuff - I don’t believe that it matters. What matters is my paintings and if you like them or not. I hope you do 🙂 

STYLE: If you go through my Gallery, you will notice quite a few nature-themed murals. I do paint people and urban scenes, as well. I like using bright colors and a lot of small details. If you’re into that - I’m your girl. But if you are looking for a cool street style graffiti writing, I may not be your best choice at this point in time. 

LOCATION: I am located in Chapel Hill, Brisbane. But I will come to your place anywhere in Australia - or the whole world - if you pay for the flights or hire a cool campervan for me. In Brisbane area, travel costs are included in the artist fee, though.

PAINT: I work with high-quality Australian made spray paints, mostly the ones that are non-toxic, safe to the environment and people. I also use interior and exterior liquid paints and brushes for more detailed work. 

PRICE: Every project is different, believe me. The size of the wall matters, yes, but at the end of the day, I determine the price by the time that I spend on the project. And the time depends mostly on the design of the artwork. Also, most people forget that the mural has to be created and sketched out beforehand, and that takes time as well. Then, there’s traveling distances and fuel consumption, and paint, and masking tape, and all these things that cost me money and time. Just mentioning that, so you don’t think it’s just me standing at the wall that you pay for. 

So call me up, or send me a message, provide me with as much information as possible about the wall, the location, the time frame, the style that you had in mind, your budget if you have one, and we can then discuss the price.

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