Inspirational murals to beautify your home and soul

My name is Kat Smirnoff and I am a mural artist located in Brisbane, Australia

My origin: I was born and grew up in Lithuania, where I learned to paint from my beautiful artist mother. She taught me to be patient and to paint with my heart. And I did, always focused, like I was given the most important task in the world. And you know what, I have no doubt it is.

My credo: I believe, our purpose on this earth is to live in harmony, to appreciate everything we have, and to love. But our daily lives have become filled with stress, responsibilities, timewasting, and superficial communication. And at times, we need a reminder that we have to stop thinking and to just be, in peace, in the beauty of this moment, and in our own beauty. Some people read books to remember that, others listen to beautiful music, and some admire artworks.

My mission: So I paint on walls to remind myself and others of the beauty of life. I want to motivate and to inspire with my murals. Be it a color that gives you energy, a symbol, or a quote that lifts you up. 

My murals:: I will paint whatever inspires you. People, nature, animals, text, anything that makes you feel good. Of any size, and any color, inside or outside your home or workplace. I use acrylic paint and brushes, and I also work with spray paint. The spray paint that I use is the most environmentally friendly and with the lowest amount of toxins that I could find on the market.

➡️ If you would like to inquire about a mural, send me a message and we can discuss details like the theme, style, time frames, and pricing. I am looking forward to your message!

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